October 21, 2010

The Eye Of The Storm

Wikipedia defined the Eye of  a storm as a roughly circular area and typically 30–65 km (20–40 miles) in  diameter. The eye is a region of mostly calm weather found at the center of strong tropical cyclones. It is surrounded by the eyewall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather of a cyclone occurs. Every human being, as long as you are still among the living goes through the storms of life. Some, once in a while, some continuously until delivered, but nobody

is spared of it. When a person goes through a life storm, the powerful winds of problems take over and at that point, the person cannot stand UNLESS he is anchored to something else stronger than the storm itself.
I don't  know how God did this, but since he's the creator of all things, he must have thought things through when he created the eye of the storm. Why? because it is in the eye of the storm which is its center, that you find calmness in the midst of a raging storm.

In the life of a believer and non-believers, God the Father is our anchor in the midst of a storm. He has demonstrated this through Jesus, his Son in so many ways. A person without God is just a logwood adrift in a stream, directionless and just drifting about. The storms of life bow down to God and that's why they cannot touch a person who is firmly anchored to God.

Let me illustrate this by the story we all know in the bible. Jesus was sleeping in the boat, all of a sudden, there arose a storm, fierce winds all around, to the point that even the disciples, I.E. the bishops, the cardinals, the general overseers, etc of those days who had witnessed God's power through Jesus were afraid. They succumbed to fear, imagine. that.

They were so afraid that they had to wake the Master up from his sleep. Forgetting that he was sleeping, they even try to blame him saying that "don't you care that we perish?" My Gosh, this is a person that was sleeping, not awake like they were, but Glory be to God in the Highest, He that controls the storms and all the storms of life simply asked them why they are afraid, why did they doubt. I guess they forgot he's always with them. The one that holds creation in the palms of his hands, and so, the Lord of life simply commanded the storm to stop and the winds and the seas had no choice but to obey the voice of the Master. And so things calmed down.

In this world, we "will have tribulationss". We were fore-warned, but Jesus had already overcame those things and so he told us to be of good cheer. Which means as long as you are anchored to him, you are an overcomer, regardless of how fierce the storm is. So, if you are going through any storm now or if you happen to run into one sometimes, never forget the faithfulness of HIM who had called you his own. He'll never leave you nor forsake you. Even when you think you can't go any further and you truly can't, He will carry you in his arms through the storm. All he asks is that you just trust him and follow his instructions. He will guide you.

Believe me, I've been through storms, David, the King had been through storms, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Elijah, you name them all, if those went through it and overcame, remember they did not have Jesus, he was not manifested to them then, but you do now, then you too will overcome your present circumstances and you have already, if you are anchored to Jesus. Just trust him., Hallelujah. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

They key is to never take your eyes and yourself off the eye of the storm, the Master builder himself, Jesus, the Son of the Living God. I will make a reference to Peter here for my second story. Remember when he asked the Lord if he could walk on water towards the Lord because he saw Jesus walking on water?

The Lord said, Yes why not? Guess what? he actually did. Peter walked on water; but the moment he took his eyes of the Master, guess what he saw? Trials, tribulations, storms, problems and all kinds of stuff and  what happened next, he began to sink in those problems.

Know this with all your heart. Storms, trials and tribulations are facts and part of life, but they are NOT the truths of God.

Friends, personally I have gone through some storms of my own and I can confidently tell you that had it not been for God, who held me by the right hand of his righteousness and kept telling me to focus on him, I would have sunk deep into the abyss, but glory be to God, I am not the first that had gone through and that the Lord had helped, neither will I be the last. Remeber the words of King David, He said "Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil" Why did he say that? his next set of words revealed that. He said " "For you are with me." He knew God was with him and acknowledged that. We all know the end result, he was victorious at the end.

God has so many ways to deliver you out of any and all circumstances if only you will hold on to his precious promises. he can give you wings to soar above the storm, he can draw you close to him, the eye of the storm, where there's always calmness, or even carry you through the storm. God can and will do just about anything to deliver his own.

We have a faithful God who never fails, come rain, come shine. Rejoice in that knowledge alone. We serve a Mighty, Mighty God. Glory be to his name.

I pray by the Authority in the name of Jesus, that all the storms in your life, whatever they may be, begin to die down now. You will rejoice and you will testify and God will be glorified.


  1. Storms are part of life, we cannot escape it. We are to endure hard-ship as a good soldier. In this world ye shall have tribulations, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”.

    There are lessons to be learnt through storms and it is an opportunity to exercise our faith and for God to do what He is best at! Saving us from trouble.

  2. @Buky:

    Yes, storms are part of life, if we learn from it, it makes us strong, but thank God, we have overcome the world with its tribulations and trials through Jesus, The Son of The Living God.