August 11, 2011

Forward Movement - Do You Really Desire It?

Forward Movement, another beautiful way of saying progress; but the question is how focused are you to achieve this "Forward Movement"? How deep is your desire to see this manifest in your life? Last time, I posted a topic about "The real value of Today" In it, I discussed the power of how TODAY affects both your past and your future. If you haven't read that, please Click Here to read it.

Forward Movement is only found in TODAY, not in any other place or time dimension, only TODAY.

What do I mean by that?

August 7, 2011

What Is The Real Value Of Today?

Hello Friends:

There's something in my spirit that I'll love to share with all of my friends. It will be short but valuable.

It is about the days we live in. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It is not something new, but a great reminder to those that already possess this knowledge and a revelation to those that have not look at it as such before.

Now what do these 3 different days have in common? you'll be pleasantly surprised and once you learn it and start applying what you've learnt, it will definitely change your life.

Now, Firstly, What is TODAY?