August 7, 2011

What Is The Real Value Of Today?

Hello Friends:

There's something in my spirit that I'll love to share with all of my friends. It will be short but valuable.

It is about the days we live in. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It is not something new, but a great reminder to those that already possess this knowledge and a revelation to those that have not look at it as such before.

Now what do these 3 different days have in common? you'll be pleasantly surprised and once you learn it and start applying what you've learnt, it will definitely change your life.

Now, Firstly, What is TODAY?

Today is a moment in time and space where you give birth and definitions to all your yesterdays and tomorrows.

Yesterday, which is also referred to as "The Past" is the accumulation of many todays that had gone by, finished with and forgotten by us, but are saved, stored or archived in our memories for our references;

Whereas Tomorrow, also refered to as "The Future" is the "yet to be born today" to experience, or become all that we have done in the "present today" to realize our dreams or visions.

However, we do not live in yesterday or tomorrow, we live in today. All tomorrows will soon become today and all yesterdays were once called today. What we need to realize and really take hold of the truth of, is that all those yesterdays or past that we sometimes look back on, are there just to show us all the decisions, good or bad, that we made in all those "past todays" and all tomorrows to come are opportunities to do those things we have left undone in "past todays".

Now here's wisdom, all the things you desire to see manifest in your life cannot be done tomorrow, they can only be experienced tomorrow (which as I have said before is just a yet to be realized "today"). You have to do those things TODAY in order to see, feel, possess and live them tomorrow (which as I have said before is just a yet to be realized "today"). You might need to refer to one of those "by-gone todays" to help you make a better decision and take a more appropriate TODAY, so that you can live your dream tomorrow (which as I have said before is just a yet to be realized "today".....blah, blah, blah. I thought we've talked about this already :-)   LOL  ).

It is a circle of life that must be understood and it is also cyclic. Nobody can break it. The best thing is to understand the true value of TODAY, this the day you have been given. This very moment you are reading this.

So, what is it you need to see manifest in your life, those things you desire, your visions, your dreams; then this is the precise moment, the opportune time for you to DO those things, so when your "future today" comes, you'll have a big smile on your face knowing that you have truly discovered the true value of TODAY.

Once you make it a habit to do this daily, that is, realizing the value of today and doing what must be done today, not only will you always have good yesterdays to look back on and draw experiences from, but you'll also have an awesome tomorrow to look forward to.

To God be the glory, who had given us the opportunity to live to see today. Now, what you need to do, go and do it well.

Live well and prosper. Godspeed.

Please as always, I ask for your comments. Your comments are essential. No one person knows it all, I am eager to learn from you too and remember, it may be that comment you left that will chnage someone's life and it may be that comment that someone left that will change yours. Have a wonder-full and wonder-filled week.

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  1. This post couldnt have come at a better time. Recently i feel like i was all over there place, becoming Martha Martha.

    So I took time off to regroup and this post is a welcome addition to getting back my mojo, lol.

    Lord teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

    Great post!