August 11, 2011

Forward Movement - Do You Really Desire It?

Forward Movement, another beautiful way of saying progress; but the question is how focused are you to achieve this "Forward Movement"? How deep is your desire to see this manifest in your life? Last time, I posted a topic about "The real value of Today" In it, I discussed the power of how TODAY affects both your past and your future. If you haven't read that, please Click Here to read it.

Forward Movement is only found in TODAY, not in any other place or time dimension, only TODAY.

What do I mean by that?

A person cannot achieve a forward movement or progress in life if they are entertaining stagnation. How does stagnation comes? Good question. Well then, let us examine that.

Stagnation only comes when a man reaches out and pull yesterday's sorrows and/or failures with one hand and at the same time, pull tomorrow's burdens with the other hand.

Today's work is thereby neglected and no forward movement is achieved. In fact no movement is achieved at all.

Life is simple. That's how God made it. All things in life work ONLY if we keep things SIMPLE.

So, how do we do that?

Let go of yesterday's sorrows and failures. Yesterday is gone. The only reason yesterday exists is to allow you to focus on the good things you've done and how it can help you today. The problems of yesterday will drag you down, unless you are revisiting it ONLY for the purpose of learning from it and moving on.

Tomorrow is NOT promised. What you do today is what will manifest for you tomorrow. You have to understand that what you do today is a seed that is bound to yield its fruit tomorrow and you must also remember that tomorrow is also "a future TODAY".

Now because tomorrow is not promised to anybody, you must learn to live like today is your last day on earth. It doesn't mean you are wishing yourself any ill-will, it allows you to do your best, live life to the fullest, help as much as you can, enjoy the people God had given you, enjoy the things of life and so on, then when tomorrow comes, simply repeat. Try it, believe me it is fun.

Now, what did they say about today? Some one said that Today is a gift and that's why it is called "The Present."

So, let me ask you a question, since you are looking to achieve forward movement in your life, What are you doing with Today, your gift, your present?

Well I hope both your hands are free to open up your gift, your present and appreciate it and do with it, that which is needful right away, so that the one that gave you your present will see it  fit to give more of it to you because of your appreciation of this current gift, and the value you put on it, so that your next present (tomorrow) can be bigger, better and brighter.

Love you always.

Please, I ask for your comments as usual. We all can share our knowledge and thereby grow together. To God be the glory.

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