November 11, 2010

Lord…..Can You Keep A Secret?...My Conversation With God

God:     Hmmmmm!!! Depends.

Me:       What? Depends? Depends on what? I thought you are God, you know everything and I can tell      
             you ANYTHING, why are you now saying it depends?

God:     Well, if you know you can tell me anything and I know everything, then why are you asking me if I
             can keep a secret?

Me:       Oh, I see…my mistake.

God:     (Smiles). OK Son. I’m listening......

November 6, 2010

And God Said....And God Saw

Throughout the book of Genesis, Chapter 1, verses 2-29, we learnt that God our Father, the Creator, always declares the things that do not exist BEFORE they exist. The two famous lines throughout the first chapter of Genesis are    "And God said", "And God saw"
Until you DECLARE a thing, it cannot begin to take on life and therefore you cannot POSSESS it, because what you did not give life to simply cannot come into being. Your declaration is a way of actually breathing life and starting the pregnancy of a new life which brings about the birth of that new life.  Notice that God's confession of his expectation always comes before the actual possession or creation of that thing, and since you came from him, as he made you in his image and in his likeness, then it goes without saying that before you experience the physical manifestation of any desire, you must confess or declare it. I know you've all heard this before and so I'm not going to tell you what you already know, but  what I want to talk about today is