November 11, 2010

Lord…..Can You Keep A Secret?...My Conversation With God

God:     Hmmmmm!!! Depends.

Me:       What? Depends? Depends on what? I thought you are God, you know everything and I can tell      
             you ANYTHING, why are you now saying it depends?

God:     Well, if you know you can tell me anything and I know everything, then why are you asking me if I
             can keep a secret?

Me:       Oh, I see…my mistake.

God:     (Smiles). OK Son. I’m listening......

Me:       Lord, I am perplexed and I am scared. I don’t know what to do, totally confused.

God:      And why is that?

Me:       Father, Are you going to be serious here? You don’t seem concern that I am scared, perplexed,
             confused and all kind of stuff happening to me that I can’t explain.

God:     (Deafening silence)

Me:       Are you there?

God:     Yes I am.

Me:      OK. I’ll talk. You always do this when I start talking nonsense. You keep quiet. So I got it. Let me
            tell you what is bothering me. Lord, Lately, I have been going through a whole lot of problems that I
            can’t seem to be able to solve. I have been diligent in searching for solutions, but none seem to be
            working. I have prayed to you every day and you seem quiet. I am even surprised that you are
            talking to me now.

            Since I have your attention now, can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? I can’t take this
            anymore. I am totally tired and if you don’t help me, I’ll just die.

            I mean, just look at the situations The house is about to be repossessed, looks like I might lose my
            job, not sure if my wife loves me because of all these problems, and it seems everything is
            spinning out of control. I don’t want my friends to know. What do I do?

God:     Is that all? Thought you had more problems than that, and son, I'm always talking with you, but
             you are too busy to hear me.

Me:       OK, I,I, I don’t understand you anymore. This is serious matter.

God:     Yes it is serious, ONLY to you, but not to me. I don’t see any problems with you except those that
             you are giving life to. How long has this been going on son? (Sarcastically)
Me:      About 3 years now. (Rather surprised that he didn't know how long)

God:    Such a long time huh? Hmmmm. Let me ask you this. For those 3 years, how have you managed to
            survive till now?

Me:      I don’t know. It’s just overwhelming…

God:     It is? well, True. You don’t know because you have not paid attention. You have and still are
            creating all these problems for yourself. For those 3 years, I have watched over you and your
            household, just like I have always watched over you since you were born. All those 3 years, can
            you explain how you have escaped many situations that could have swallowed you up?

Me:      No sir, I can’t explain

God:     I know you can't. Have I not promised you that when you walk through the fire, that it will not burn
            you and when you walk through water, you will not drown in it? My mercies are new everyday, it
            never changes. Everyday you wake up, my mercy is there to give you the needed strength and
            favor for the day. You have been getting through each day because of my mercy and my presence.
            Everyday before you wake up, my presence had gone before you and made all the crooked paths
            straight. The problem is when you wake up, instead of you to focus on my
            presence, power and mercy, you start thinking about problem that had not materialize yet. You
            worry too much about tomorrow instead of focusing on the mercy I have given you for the day. I
            have told you that you should be anxious for nothing.

Me:      But Lord, how can I not think about tomorrow?

God:    Did I ever promise you tomorrow?

Me:     No

God:   Then why are you worried about what I have not yet given to you. What are you doing with this day
           that I have given to you? This day, TODAY is a gift to you, but you are putting it aside to worry
           about tomorrow. Do you realize that anxiety causes depression and that’s why you are in the state
           that you are in now? By the way, the devil has nothing to do with this. I have made you more
           powerful than him. The only way he can defeat you will be if you listen to his lies as opposed to
           listening to my truth, and that will be a crying shame.

Me:    So Lord, you are saying that I have been blind to your mercy, and it’s your mercy that’s been
           upholding me throughout those years? Wow!!!

          Yes, lord. Looking back now, I see that I have created problem where there had been none. I had
          worried about things that actually never came to pass. I have allowed anxiety to rob me of the
          strength you have daily given me. Now I realize that you have not neglected me, nor ignore me.
          I have just been blind to your faithfulness. Yes. You are right Lord. I have worried about my job and
          yet, I still have it, I have worried about my wife and she’s till with me, I have worried about things that
          never came to pass. Now I know that even If I do lose the job, you are my provider, your mercy will
          be there to make other ways for me. You are awesome father. Please Lord, never let me forget
          about your faithfulness again, your loving-kindness and the multitude of your tender mercies.

God:   I will always remind you son. Glad to be of service (Smiles)

Friends, We all worry naturally, but we need a reminder not to do it. That is what the message of the post is about. Worrying solves nothing. It simply robs us of the strength to deal with today and thereby missing out on God’s mercies for the day.


  1. His Grace and Mercy endures forever and yes as I look back at some difficult times in my life I see he was there all the time.. reflections is sometimes needed to remember from where u came from, thank u Joshua. You Rock ;-)

  2. @Rosalinda: It's always a joy reading your comments. Regardless of what we are going through, the Lord is always with us. Remember, David the king said "Though I walk through the valey of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For you are with me..."

    God is always with us, watching over his own

    Glory be to God in the highest.

  3. You are right and have opened my eyes for I am just like the example because I also worry too much, which my husband even tells me that I do. Lord forgive me and help me to focus on what you have and are doing for me. I place all my worries in you hand Lord and wait for you to solve my problems. In the words of my husband stop worrying but instead think of how to solve your probelm- pray and ask JESUS. Thanks for your reminder and words of encouragement.

  4. @Anonymous: I thank God for your life and the life of your husband, wise man :-). When you stop worrying, you'll be suprised how God will gently and simply direct you to the solution you are seeking for. Worrying keeps a person from receiving the best that God has to offer. just trust HIM. Jesus said if we believe that we have received what we asked for in prayer in our hearts, then we shall have it. No worry, No anxiety. God bless you much.

    You might want to read these post also.

  5. Haahah, this could have been one of my many conversation with God. I think its natural for us all to worry first then turn to God later, which is the wrong order. I have to constantly remind myself to take all my cares and worries to God first.

    So far none of my worrying ever solved any of my issues, God took care of them all.

    Thanks for this post and for always sharing the good news of the gospel.

  6. @Buky: My dear awesome sister. This actually is the type of conversations I use to have with God, until he corrected me. When I began paying attention to the Holy Spirit and do as he directs, I began to see big changes. Now, I understand what God meant when he said " Be still and know that I AM GOD." He is God indeed. Glory be to his name.

    Luv U always.

  7. Yes you're right brother... Praise God, Thank God, Bless God, and wish every person good... that will stop us getting worried and be able to see the rest of the beautiful things God has given us... like the beautiful flowers, those cute doggies, the great sunshine, the wonderful cloud formations... and thank and praise God more! :D

    God bless you immeasurably bro! :D

  8. @Malou: Thanks my dear brother Malou. You are quite an inspiration yourself. A city built on a hill that cannot be hidden. Your encouraging comments are always appreciated. Love you to life.

  9. This article was for me. I like to worry about tomorrow and the future instead of concentrating on the today. I've gone through some situations, and when i look back now i see that God was truly merciful; his mercies towards me are endless!

  10. I'm so glad I came across this post. What a beautiful picture of God's love and mercy. He is always with us, we just need to keep our eyes and ears open. Thank you for this.

  11. @Events By Doyin:

    I'm still amazed at God's loving kindness. How he pays so much attention to us daily even with all our frailties. I know you said this article was for you, but I must confess, I am the #1 person God is directing the article to; but i'm glad it touched you too. :-)

  12. @Lisa:

    I'm also glad that you are here. Isn't God awesome? Amazing how he orders and directs the steps of his children. He knows what we need, when we need it and where to find it. He guides us always. He's a faithful God and father. Glory be to his holy name.

  13. I am so glad i ran across this blog. This just confirms what i was just writing about yesterday. Tomorrow is not promised but yet we worry about it so much we tend to forget that God has brought us this far, he will surely see us through our trials and troubles.
    Thanks for this, i really needed it

  14. @shade of mommyvillespot

    This is another proof of God's All-knowing power. Of all the blogs out there, God allowed you to come across this, as it contains what he had laid on your heart about "tomorrow". You wrote about it the previous day, God confirmed it to you the very next day. Letting all of us know that he's in control and he cares for us and he's the one ordering and directing our steps. I'm glad you are here too. It's a great honor for me to have you here. Thank you and Glory be to God.