December 14, 2010

My Gift To You This Christmas

This is the time when family and friends exchange gifts to celebrate Christmas. At this time also, there are people who are down and out and detest this time of the year.

To all I would like to say I love you and also remind you of 2 great truths.

The first is that Jesus is the reason for the season regardless of what anybody might make you think or believe. It is the truth that the whole world knows, but we tend to water it down in this our great U.S of A. 

This is the time of the great birth. I am not religious, I just love Jesus and I'm not ashamed of that. My love for him had taken me to greater heights in the things I have learnt about him and also discovered about me as a person. That's why it's easy for me to love.

It is this gift I received from him that I also want to remind you that he has given you. More than any other gift you can receive. It is the gift of life, the gift of salvation, the gift of love. If you know how amazing you are, you will celebrate life. Nothing will get you down regardless of what you are going through. This leads me to the second truth and my gift for you this Christmas and that is simply to tell you that:

You are an amazing creature – it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. I am not talking about your beliefs. I am revealing to you that you are an amazing creature with amazing abilities, gifts, talents, “buried” knowledge and wisdom to create and be just about anything you desire for your good and for the greater good of mankind. This in turn brings joy to you, the whole world and glory  to the ultimate creator GOD.

You are a creature that was made in the image and likeness of the ultimate creator – GOD. As I said, this is not about religious beliefs. This is simply a matter of the truth. Not my truth, The universal truth. The GOD Truth.

Oh. How much I love you. You are such an amazing system put together by God. It is an honor and I stand in awe just watching you,  this handiwork of the Almighty God. God has filled you with grace and honor, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and power.

You are a co-creator with God. He has given you the amazing ability to create along with him. He has given you the absolute freedom to express yourself for the greater good of yourself and all. You have amazing creative abilities. You have untold joy that even you cannot understand locked up inside of you. Wealth and riches abound all around you. They all come from inside of you.

Everything you’ll ever need is inside of you because you are one with GOD.

You just need to know what your role is and play it well in the grand scheme of things and every other things will automatically falls into the right place – effortlessly.

Please accept this gift of mine, this revelation of who you are. You cannot be down, celebrate him who had loved you so much to have made you in his image and also died for you. If you don't know Jesus, simply take this opportunity to invite him into your life, you'll be amazed how quickly he will answer you. He's been waiting for you and his arms are wide open. Jesus is NOT religious, he's not interested in religion. He's more interested in you because you are his.

So celebrate this Christmas knowing who you are and above all knowing HIM who had loved you even before you were born.

I love you all. Have a wonder-full and wonder-filled Christmas and holiday seasons.


  1. Thank you for this post. So full of many goodness and blessings.

    Wishing the same right back.

    Thank you for reminding me of who I am and how powerful I can be knowing my role and what part to play.

    Thank your for putting it in words.

    Have a merry christmas and a happy new year in advance.

  2. Dear Buky:

    I am honored for your visit, taking the time to read it and posting the comment. I truly appreciate you. Your encouragement and support are priceless. Have a fantastic Christmas.