October 5, 2010

The Power Within - What Is It? And Who Are You? Part 2

Hello Again Friends:

We are now on the second part of learning about who we really are. In my last posting, I talked about how you are made up of a body, a soul and a spirit, and I also explained how you are the soul that lives in a body and posseses the power of God which is a spirit that lives in you. The power of God is a spirit and it lives within each and every human being created. That's why for a person, who knows who he or she really is, nothing is impossible. I concluded by saying that every "failure" and every "success", you are experiencing now, you have created and manifested. You are not wrong, you are not right, you just are. If at this point in life you don't like your experiences, then it's time to change them. Question now is how?

On this posting, we are going to look into the "How "At this point,
if you have not read the last posting, please go and read it here. It is important that you follow the lessons from the beginning in order for you to have proper and total understanding of what is been taught. Nothing is more dangerous than half-knowledge.

Picking up from where we left off in the last posting, I said every “failure” and every “success”, you are experiencing now, you have created and manifested. You are not wrong, you are not right, you just are. If at this point in life you don’t like your experiences, then it’s time to change them. Question now is how? Well, let’s start by exposing you to these truths. One, the soul and the spirit within you can see and hear just as much as your body can see and hear. In fact, they do see more than your body can see and hear more than your body can hear. Your body sees, your soul and spirit perceives, your body hears, your soul and spirit understands and that is why you are a superior being. Your job now, as the soul is to re-train your body to begin to gather information that you, the soul, deem important rather than what the body deemed important.

The job of the body and the spirit is to respond to you, the soul and if you train the body well, it will begin to send you the right information and reject all that you do not need in order to complete your creation. In other words, what your outer eyes begins to see and your outer ears begin to hear will change from what they used to see and hear.Now, how do you train the body and the spirit? By beginning to tell the body to see and hear, things that are important to you. The things that you really desire, not what your circumstances are showing you. When you do that, they will begin to understand what is important to you and what is not. They will begin to get on the same page with you.

The scripture says "Can two walk together unless they agree?" same principle applies here. If your body and your spirit are not trained properly to agree with you regarding the things you desire, there will be conflict and there will not be resolution, but confusion and that's why you hear people say, "I'm confused, I don't know what to do". This is the sign of a person whose body, soul and spirit are not in agreement, so there's no clear directive for them to follow.

Remember, you, as the soul, can see through your body’s eyes and hear through your body’s ears. You are in control, not your body or your spirit. You determine what you want to see and hear through your body's senses, because the information passed on to you by your body is what you as the soul will give your emotions to and emotions is what activates the spirit to give life to that which was given to it.

Let me explain the emotion bit for clearer understanding. When people hear a piece of information, they automatically feel certain way about that piece of information. Now, depending on how they FEEL about that information, the body and the spirit will react accordingly. In other words, if you assigned a negative emotional feeling to any piece of information, that's exactly what you will manifest on the outside. Please take a notice of this today, your emotion is the catalyst that speeds up the process of creation. Your emotion carries that information to the spirit. Now don't forget that the only job the spirit has is to give life to any information that it receives with emotion. The spirit does not judge, it does not know good or bad, things are just what they are....things, nothing more.

The spirit does not judge, analyze, decide on anything. It just gives life.

God told us in the bible that "we should not be anxious for anything...." Why do you think God told us that? simply because our manufacturer, God, knows exactly how he made us to function. Anxiety is pure negative emotion, and negative emotion brings about the creation of negative circumstances in a person's life. The other counterpart, positive emotion brings about joyful and positive experiences in one's life. The bible also supports this when the psalmists wrote "Be still and know that I Am God" When a circumstance appears negative, do not rush to react, slow down and then try to respond positively to it. After responding, do not give thought to its negative aspect again, but focus on the outcome or change you desire.

But how do you do this? by focusing and paying more attention to the things you desire in your life as oppose to your present circumstances. You cannot be desiring health, while you keep talking about "your" sickness. You cannot be desiring wealth while at the same time all you talk about is "your" hard lot in life. It does not work that way. Do not own any problem. Everytime you talk about something, your body release emotion that confirms what you are saying and if you say that long enough, guess what? your spirit picks up on it and believes that's what you want, and so it continously create that for you.

Let me ask you this and if you look back, it will be easy for you to answer and agree with me on this. Now, how do you feel everytime something great happens to you? Yes, you feel great, why? because that's what your five senses sent to you, the soul and you in turn mixed the emotion of joy and elation to that situation and everytime you've done that, you are maintained in that joyful balance by the power that works in you, the spirit. You are happy everytime you think about it until something else that is different from your previous joyful experience happens. This time if you allow this new different experience to be played over and over again, guess what? you, the soul picks it up and mix it with emotions and then send it, Federal Express, to the spirit and then you get caught in that cycle of sadness over and over again until something else that is a stronger and happier situation happens and you think about that over and over again. You just keep repeating the process.

Since you know this is the way it works, why not then, regardless of what you are going through, deliberately, force yourself to see the result you desire as oppose to your present circumstances. One thing you should also know about the spirit of God that lives in you, it assists you, when you ask a question. Just ask and forget it, the answer will come when you least expect it, but you must trust that the answer will come. More importantly, you must act when it comes. That's a topic for another day.

I want you to experiment on something today, right now, to show you the power of your soul, spirit and body been in sync with each other. Don't worry, relax, it is safe. Now think of something awesome that happened to you that brought you great joy, really focus on that situation, see it in full details and then tell me how you feel, don't cheat. Just do it. You feel awesome don't you? you probably are smiling, gigling or laughing right now. Now, do the opposite, think of some situation that was not good for you at all, something you'll like to get away from. Also, see this in full details and focus on it. How do you feel? probably depressed.

Now please repeat the first experiment of thinking good thought. Something great. I'll like to leave you in a joyful mood. See the difference? that's exactly what happened when you send information to your spirit. The only thing is once the information gets to the spirit, it manifests. You can't stop it anymore.

I'm going to give you an experiment to do on your own before next posting, but i quickly want to show you what happens in your inner being. You probably have heard this experiment before. Right now, If I ask you NOT, I mean, NOT to think of a "flying pink elephant dancing in the air", would you be able to do it, of course not, you have already seen the "flying pink elephant dancing in the air" :-) This is what happens to you when you focus on a particular situation and your spirit gets hold of it. Your spirit gives it life. That's why you saw the pink elephant after I asked you not to think of it.

Before next posting on Friday, I want you to give your eyes an instruction to begin to see, something specific. As simple as seeing a particular vehicle, in a certain color, See it in full details, smell it, touch it, feel it in your imagination, that's your inner eyes, then forget it, don't think about it, then watch your spirit goes to work. You can tell me your result by posting comments.

Once you have trained your body to know what to look for using the five senses, your body and spirit will begin to align themselves to the things you deem important and that’s all they will bring to you and thereby manifest in your physical world.

Let me narrate a story about a young man that might help you understand this a little bit more.

As he stepped off the bus, he took a few steps and looked up. The cab drivers were blasting their horns, sticking their heads out of their cabs, shouting and screaming at this young man who just stood there in the middle of the road gazing and starring at everything around him.

He has never been to the city before; he was born and raised in a little town. As he was standing there, he became dizzy and he just froze at the majestic look of all these tall, beautiful buildings, and beautiful vehicles. He was amazed at the large number of people he saw walking, everybody going about their own business, going to different places, doing what pleases them, wearing expensive clothing. He was looking at life the way he never saw it before. He was so taken in by all these things; he did not realize he was in the middle of a busy intersection.

From the coffee shop across the street, Jonathan Pulitzer or JP as his friends call him, was amazed at this young man. “Is he planning to kill himself” was the thought that came to his mind, or else why would he just stand there knowing how busy this intersection is. As JP continues to wander about this young man, he became so interested in knowing what is going on in this young man’s mind. He noticed how the young man was looking at buildings, cars racing by him and people walking around him. Then it dawned on him that this young man was not trying to kill himself, he was just in shock as to the things he was seeing for the first time in his life. JP now realizes that the young man must be an out-of-towner who had never been to the big city before. JP smiled, walked out of the coffee shop wandering about the young man he had just seen....

To be continued on Friday.

To God be the glory.

Your comments are very important, as I've always said, you never know who your comment will help, so share what God has put in your heart.


  1. Very thought provoking. I'm a firm believer that your spirit brings life to things. I've always been told careful what you wish for. Its absolutely true. I've noticed in my own life that I brought about my own negative experiences and brought those negative people in my life but I'm working to change that. Good teachings I'll be back friday to read more.

  2. Yes. Brandy you are absolutely right. As a man thinks, so is he. Our thoughts are very powerful. The key is to recognize that we are the ones in control and so change our thoughts. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change. Thanks for the comment. You are awesome.

  3. Powerful tools that will change your life if applied correctly and with patience. The power to retrain your body is within your reach.

    No more excuses for me ever!

    I really enjoyed the experiment and plan on just focusing on good thoughts.

  4. @Buky:

    You are definitely right. The tools will change anyone's life. The key is to apply them correctly. The body just collects and delivers information it gathers, the main thing there is to train the body (our 5 senses) to collect and deliver the information we TRULY DESIRE and those are the things we will manifest. The body only looks for and find what it is been trained to look for. As a man thinks, so is he. I always enjoy your comments. Thanks.