October 13, 2010

The Power Within -The Conclusion

Friends, we have come to not-the-end of the article of  "The Power Within", but a conclusion of these articles. This site is about continous development of the body, soul and spirit so we can be all that God has called us to be. If you have not read the previous articles, please do so, that way you can have full understanding of the concepts been discussed. Now, let's get into the heart of our discussion.

If you ask anybody this question, “who are you?” most likely they will begin to define themselves by their names or their professions. That is not who they are or who you are, that is what you are identified by in this physical world. Truly, we are all the same, not different from one another.

We all originated from the same source that most people call GOD. We were all created in his image and his likeness. He is the source of all life, light, knowledge (good or bad), of anything you can think of. He knows all things, he can do all things, he can manifest anything he desires, he has the power to do just about anything. He is love, he is mercy, he is a judge, a father, a friend. He is one and all. He is everything. He manifests himself in all things, even in the smallest details.

Now, how do all these relate to you and how you can effectively change your life?

You need to understand that as the body consists of arms, legs, head, eyes, ears and so on, and that all these body parts combine to make an individual, so does every individual, starting with you, combine to make the universe one. The universe itself  originated from and is one with the source of all, GOD, so you are one with GOD. If the source is referred to as God, then you, as a part of him, are a god or a channel through which GOD manifests himself..

God is a God of progress and increase and because we are the same as HIM, we have the same innate desire and ability to progress and increase. This is one of the reasons why you are constantly seeking to improve your life. You were born with this insatiable desire to be better, to have abundance in all that life has to offer. Whether it is joy, money, health or any other thing for that matter. It is in you, it is part of your genetic make-up and you can’t detach yourself from it.

The problem is that when you were created, you were made to perform in a specific way under specific rules and anything outside of those set of rules results in chaos. Any chaos in your life is an indication that you are performing outside the set of rules with which you were made.

The reason for these rules is because we live in a physical world. You see, God has a sense of humor. He allowed us to duplicate the same set of rules that we should be operating by, in the computers that we made. A computer is made to work under a specific set of rules to perform its task. Anything outside of those rules results in what----ERROR. Same thing as chaos in the life of a person operating outside the set of rules with which he was made to operate under.

As discussed in the previous postings, you are made up of three beings and these beings are made to operate under certain specific rules in order to manifest anything in your life. We have also examined these three beings and what they do.

How do we now condense these inner workings of these three beings to something we can easily understand and apply?

You see, your body speaks one language, your spirit speaks another language and you (the soul) speak both languages. Since we know that it is the job of the soul to translate all that it receives from the body to the spirit, then the problem now becomes a problem of translation. If the soul translates wrong to the spirit, the WRONG result will be manifested, same as if the wrong software is programmed into a computer, the wrong result will be achieved. Notice that I did not say no result will be achieved, I said WRONG result will be achieved.

We now need to train the soul (you) how to translate effectively and correctly between the body and the spirit. How do we do these? By recognizing the language of the three beings.

The language of the body is PICTURE, what do I mean by that? Every spoken word was first formed as a thought, and then the thought is transformed into pictures. Every time you say something, you have thought of that thing whether you realize it or not, and just before you said it, you have seen the word as a picture. When you hear some words, those words are first translated back into pictures for your soul to understand. We do not understand by words, we understand by pictures.

Now the language of the spirit is EMOTIONS. The spirit only manifests things in your physical world through the language of emotional feeling it is receiving from the soul. Remember the soul speaks both languages.

As said before, the job now is making sure that the body provides the right information to the soul and that the soul translates the information correctly. There are ways you can do these and there are ways you can check to be sure these are done correctly.

Let me prove something to you quickly before we proceed. One day, I was walking through a dense forest with palm trees lining up the path way. Just up the road, I saw an Indian man dressed in white and dancing on a blue elephant with a pink tail. The elephant was standing on a bucket on one leg.

Time out. Stop that movie and come back to me. Did you notice that I did not tell you what I wanted to do, I just started “talking”. But did you also notice that every thing you “heard” (read) in blue, you actually saw their pictures. Now that’s how your body and your soul understand each other, through pictures.

If you were to go further with this picture, you will notice that you were beginning to feel certain way about those pictures you were seeing. Either you were smiling or getting agitated. That is your soul receiving the information from the body and translating it to the language of the spirit (emotions).

Now imagine that the universe is a giant warehouse, where anything and everything you desire exist. The spirit is the only one that has the key to this giant warehouse. The problem is that the spirit speaks one language and the one making the requisition (the body) speaks another language entirely. Solution, there is a middle man call the soul that will help translate the body language into the spirit language. The question now is will it translate the request correctly to the spirit so we can get the thing we desire?

Please understand this. Every request of the spirit to the universe, the universe must grant. The scripture said "For the Lord GOD is a sun and shield;The Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will he withhold for those who walk uprightly" That means nothing will be withheld from you IF you follow the rules as laid down or else every effort becomes futile.. You cannot be going downstream and be swimming against the downstream current and expect to arrive at where you desire to be.

Now to get the three to work together, you, the soul, must train the body in what to look for on the outside regarding what you desire. Once the body has received this simple and plain instructions, your senses of hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and feeling go to work and begin to notice those desires and translate them into pictures for you, the soul, to understand and acknowledge and accept. The more you, the soul, see those things, the more you should acknowledge back to the body that yes, that's the right information.

If the body provides the right information continuously, the soul then begins to send the collected information to the spirit, in the language of the spirit, where they will be given life. Please know this. It does not matter whether information passed to the spirit is good or bad, the body and the spirit do not know good or bad. They just know that things are what they are....THINGS. It is the soul that is judgemental and critical and label this good or bad. Why, because the soul is the one that carries emotions. It identifies and classifies things as good or bad based on how it feels about that particular thing.

Now when the soul had decided what to pass on to the spirit, based on its feelings, the spirit simply complies. It does not judge. This is where you, the soul, need to retrain yourself as to how you react to situations. This is the key to transformation. The emotions you generated and attached in reaction to a certain situation becomes the very vehicle that will carry the information to the spirit. Why, because the soul had translated the information from picture to emotions and emotion is the language of the spirit.

So now, if you react negatively to a certain situation, Guess what happens, the spirit sees that situation as what you desire since that information was allowed to pass through. So the spirit must now maintain that feeling passed to it in your life by creating something similar that will maintain that feeling. Remember it does not judge nor choose. It just gives life. Likewise, your reaction of joy, peace and tranquility will tell the spirit to reproduce something similar that will maintain that same feeling in your life.This is why you see people going aound in circles all their lives without knowing why or what is happening to them.

The scripture says "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

This whole article is deeper than this, I will post more as people desire, but I will conclude with this. Your body gathers information through words and pictures, all information is translated into pictures for the soul to understand. The soul then translates these pictures into emotion which happens to be the language of the spirit. Once information gets to the spirit, it is then manifested in a person's life. The key is to train the body to gather the right information that the soul will respond positively to, so that great things can be manifested continuously.

Now there are certain times in one's life that things will happen that will not be good for you, the key is to step back and calmly respond as oppose to suddenly reacting. You can respond positively to every situation if you become "still". The key is to understand the process of creation. Once you understand this, then as the scripture says, nothing good will be withheld from you.

Before I close this, please allow me to say this. I am a person of faith. My faith is in Jesus Christ and I am not ashamed to say that. I have known peace and I have learnt all that I know by the special grace of God through his Spirit, the Holy Spirit. I am not a preacher, I just happen to love God. I give God the glory for all that I have ever known, experienced or have. Those who have not experienced God may not be able to relate to what I'm saying, but I'll love to invite you to ask God to let you experience him in his fullness. Call on God today through his Son, Jesus Christ and see great changes that will happen in your life. I personally guarantee it.

I love you all with the love of God and I'll see you at the next posting. Until then have a wonder-full and wonder-filled week.

If you have further questions, please leave them as comments or send me an e-mail and I will respond. As usual, your comments are always welcomed and valued.


  1. Thank You for being a constant positive force for change can't wait until the next posting!!! ;-)

  2. Thanks Roz:

    Couldn't have done it without God and without people like yourself. You have been an inspiration for me and I truly appreciate you.

  3. Joshua, you are giving God the glory. You are the called according to his purpose. You are called, appointed, and anointed. It can't get much better than that. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  4. Thanks Debra:

    All we are and all we can ever be truly comes from HIM and HIM alone and so we must, as you right said, give him all the glory and honor. He's the glory and the lifter of our heads. Thanks for you encouragement and support. I truly appreciate you.

  5. This is what our lives are all about! At the end of the road, we'll all hear "Well Done..."

  6. Thanks Joshua for taking the time to share these wonderful words of wisdom! I'm very grateful to have found your blog. You exude positivity and that's always appreciated! Stay Blessed!

  7. @Yogi:

    You are always appreciated and your comments are highly regarded. Thanks for taking the time out to read the post. I'm glad you enjoy them and I pray that you'll continue to receive more value from this blog. Stay blessed and be celebrated.