October 7, 2010

The Power Within - What Is It? And Who Are You? Part 3

In part 2 of these series, I explained the creative nature of a human and how the human comprises of 3 entities called the body, the soul and the spirit. We talked about the function of each entity and how they affect the overall living of the human. I also gave some experiments to be done by the readers. Now if you have not been following these series from the beginning, I will highly recommend that you read them so you can have a full understanding of what is been discussed. I will list them here in order from the post that started this particular series to the part 2 of these series.

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2.      The Power Within - What Is It? And Who Are You?
3.      The Power Within - What Is It? And Who Are You? Part 2

In part 2, I ended the post by narrating a story to help the reader fully understand what was been discussed, but I did not finish the story, I will now re-narrate the story from the beginning......

As he stepped off the bus, he took a few steps and looked up. The cab drivers were blasting their horns, sticking their heads out of their cabs, shouting and screaming at this young man who just stood there in the middle of the road gazing and starring at everything around him.

He has never been to the city before; he was born and raised in a little town. As he was standing there, he became dizzy and he just froze at the majestic look of all these tall, beautiful buildings, and beautiful vehicles. He was amazed at the large number of people he saw walking, everybody going about their own business, going to different places, doing what please them, wearing expensive clothing. He was looking at life the way he never saw it before. He was so taken in by all these things; he did not realize he was in the middle of a busy intersection.

From the coffee shop across the street, Jonathan Pulitzer or JP as his friends call him, was amazed at this young man. “Is he planning to kill himself” was the thought that came to his mind, or else why would he just stand there knowing how busy this intersection is. As JP continues to wonder about this young man, he became so interested in knowing what is going on in this young man’s mind. He noticed how the young man was looking at buildings, cars racing by him and people walking around him. Then it dawned on him that this young man was not trying to kill himself, he was just in shock as to the things he was seeing for the first time in his life. JP now realizes that the young man must be an out-of-towner who had never been to the big city before. JP smiled, walked out of the coffee shop wondering about the young man he had just seen.

It was 3:00AM in the morning, JP suddenly woke from his sleep and the first thought that came to his mind was of that young man he had seen earlier, the previous afternoon, JP was out looking for a job, a deal, anything that will get him out of this doldrums existence. He was laid-off at his job of five years as a manager. He has been out of job now for over two years, surviving only on what he had learnt over the years in real estate and financing. A little here, a little there. The problem was he has not been able to do anything tangible with all the knowledge he had accumulated. He had been living in the city all his life, he knew every corner of the city, he knew a lot of real estate players in town, In short, he knew a lot about real estate.

JP was still thinking about that young man when he came to the realization of his own life. He had been living in the city all his life, he knew every corner of the city, he knew the big buildings by name, yet a stranger in the city. He is living a hard life, always broke, can’t seem to get it going, in debt, desperately trying to get out, yet he is surrounded by all these riches and abundance in his own city. What is going on? This thought really disturbed him, he couldn’t bring himself to shake it off, he tried going back to sleep, but he couldn’t. “I can’t take anymore of this” he screamed. He turned the light off, went back to bed and just lay down there starring at the ceiling, his mind racing.

"I am a jobless 43 year-old, my knowledge in the business world has not served me well, what am I doing wrong? what am I not doing at all? I show people how to do things in real estate and they make money from it, why can’t I do what I teach to make money for myself?" Thoughts and excuses kept raging in his mind, but no answer, no solution. He felt trapped, not knowing what to do; but he will not accept his current condition. There must be a way. With this thought, he drifted off to sleep.

It was still dark in the room when he opened his eyes. What he saw scared the living daylight out of him. He was very frightened. He couldn’t contain himself, so he screamed. Nobody heard him. He ran to the door, but he couldn’t open the door, he ran over to the phone and there was no dial tone and he tried to talk, but no word seems to be coming out of his mouth. He was scared out of his brain. This has never happened to him before. He was tired and exhausted.

Once he realized there was nothing he could do, he decided to face his fear, after all, the worse that could happen to him was to be killed. So he turned around to face the figure he saw standing by his bed. Studying this presence and trying to make out who he was. The figure seem gentle, but strong, inviting and have an aura about him that seem calming. It signaled to JP to come closer. JP summoned courage and took a few steps forward. What he saw scared him even more.

The figure was a person and that person happened to be…..JP himself. Only stronger. This is impossible, JP thought. "How can this figure be me?"

JP looked at this figure again. Very strong, confident, full of energy and life. Then he looked at himself, he looked defeated, disturbed and haggardly. As JP stood there, wondering what this mean, what the other ”JP” is doing in the room and how he got there, his eyes fell on the clock and it was 3:AM in the morning. This couldn’t be, he woke up a while ago at 3:AM. Did time froze after he dozed off? he was now totally confused and dazed. The figure looked at him and said.

Hello JP” and for the first time, JP was able to open his mouth and said, “who are you and what are you doing here?”, he asked. Then the figure answered and said, “I am the spirit of God that lives within you and with you, whom you constantly refer to as your mind. I am not your mind. I am he who is one with God. I am the infinite intelligence that is connected to the source of all life and things. I am the one that knows all things. I am made in perfection, nothing broken, nothing missing. I am one with awesome power, yet with all humility. I am endowed with power to create life. I am endowed with power beyond your comprehension.

You and I are co-creators, you tell me what you desire, and I give life to that thing and manifest it in your world. I only do what you desire me to do, even though I have the power to do all things. I can create anything in your life that you allow me to create and I will not create anything you do not ask me to create. I make all things; You created and I manifested everything you have now. I do not know good from bad; I give you your hidden desires as you communicate them to me. All that you now physically possess or do not possess come from me because those are the things you told me you desire. When you give me commands through your thoughts, I checked to see how you really feel about those things you claim you desire. It does not matter what those thoughts are, as you have thought them in your heart, so I have created them for you and as you continue to think in your heart, so I will continue to create for you."

“Wait, wait, wait, wait” interjected JP. "What are you talking about? you can’t be me, I am here, and you are there. Granted you look like me. You are a ghost that could have taken any form. You decided to take my form. You said I give you desires to create. I don’t know anything about that, I’ve never seen you nor talk with you until now. You talk about possessing some powers. What is going on here? Am I dead?"

Be still, JP” I am not here to hurt you; you called me here to answer your questions. First, let me explain something to you because it seems you do not know who you are. You have confused your self with something else that you are not. Let’s get this clear, you are right, you are not me, but you are part of who we are and we are one. Let me show you who we are.

Do not be afraid, as you will perfectly understand who you really are."

With this, the being waved his hand and JP felt a strong pull from his body as if something is tearing away from him. He found himself standing between his body and the being that called himself his spirit. "O God!" JP exclaimed. "Am I dead?" The Spirit simply shook his head to say no and then he continues.

JP, please listen very carefully as what you are about to hear will change the way we live forever. In the beginning of creation, God created man as a triune being. The body, the soul and the spirit. God formed man of the dust of the ground, this is the reason why man can exist in his physical surroundings, then God breathed into man the breath of life, or his spirit, which is me and man then became a living soul, which is you. Each one of us has his own unique abilities and functions. The total man was created as an extension of God. God exists in the heavens as the Spirit and on the earth, as man. So, man is a spiritual being just like his creator, God.

Man is a god manifested in the physical realm called earth. The scriptures says, "are ye not gods, children of the Most High GodThe total man is a god in the flesh. He was made in the image and the likeness of God, the Father. However, because the total man lives in a physical realm and not the spiritual realm, God made a place for the man to dwell in, in order to be able to function in the physical realm and that  place is called the body.

Now, so that I, the spirit in the body can interact with my physical surroundings through the body and feel all that the physical realm possesses, That is, joy, pain and so on, God made the man to become a living soul, which is you, as a go between me, the spirit and the body over there, pointing to the third being that was pulled out of JP, and for you to act as the intermediary between us. Your job is to collect information from the body and pass them to me, the spirit, so that I the spirit can breathe life into whatever will make us, the total man function very well in his surroundings.

You, the being between the spirit and the body is called by many names, the soul, the will or the mind. Now hear this:

The body over there,collects information from his surroundings through the five senses, passes them to you, the soul, for analysis and acceptance or rejection.

You the soul, your job is to analyze, criticize, accept or reject the information you receive from the body before passing them on to me. It does not matter whether the information is true or not, whether it is good or bad. 

Then you the soul accepts or rejects the thoughts according to the way the body reacts through feelings. The soul then passes all accepted thoughts to me, the spirit. The problem is that you the soul had done this so much; you have assumed that you are the one in charge.

My job as the spirit is to give life into whatever thought that was passed to me, and the only requirement for that thought to receive life is a strong emotional feelings attached to it. When I see the emotion you attached to any request, then I give priority to give life to that request. The stronger your emotions, the faster I create and manifest the request, because that's what you are telling me you desire to see in the physical."

Are you understanding me so far JP”, the being asked. “Yes”, slowly replied JP.

Good. Then if you understand what I have just explained, before I proceed, tell me who you are or better yet who we are

JP slowly started. “If I understand all that you have said correctly, you are saying that you are the spirit, an extension of God, the creator. I am the soul that interprets information collected from him over there”, pointing to the body. “So the body suffers for the three of us, the consequences of all the decisions I made”.

Bingo, Touché, Excellente” the spirit replied in a humorous way........

Friends, I do not want to inundate you with too much information. I would love for you to digest what has been discussed here and then we will continue as to the application of your five senses, so that your soul can receive the right information, passes the right information to the spirit and thereby create and manifest your true heart desires. I'll show you the way it's supposed to be used so that when you correctly apply what you learn, you begin to see changes in your life. Pastor Myles Munroe said and I quote "When the use of a thing is not known, then abuse is inevitable" and that's what we see happening to us who are supposed to be the extension of God on earth.

Bear with me a bit longer. Let the revelation of who you are and how God made us, be clear to you and you'll never be the same and God will be glorified. I'll see you at the next posting.

Until then passionately live with purpose and purposely live with passion.

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  1. Wow, I dont know what to say or think.

    Everyone at one time or the other have been a JP. We struggle to find who we are and how to change our lives for the better.

    This is challenging, thought provoking and will certainly help change the way one thinks.

    Too many times we talk about wanting a change. Are we truly ready to take the necessary steps? The answers are in this post. Thank you for sharing, it is life changing.

  2. Thank you for reading. Although it's a long post, I've been blessed to have people like yourself sat down and read it through and thoroughly. It is very encouraging to also know that the article is well-understood. Yes, we all have been a "JP" at one point or another and some still are, but the work of changing one's life is always a work in progress. The enjoyment is not only in the destination, but also in the journey itself. Eventually, like gold that had been refined many times in and with fire, we always come out more valuable and shinning brightly more than ever. Thanks, and as ususal, I always look forward to your comments. :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing Joshua!! I'm going to share this on my blog with my readers!!!