September 23, 2010

Transparent Butterfly - "God's Artistic Hand At Work"

Friends, we may never be recognized for all of our gifts and talents. We may never receive the acclaimations of man. All we really need to do is allow our inner beauty to shine. And like this Transparent Butterfly, we will bring beauty to the world around us.............To see pictures of this God's wonderful creation.....,


It comes from Central America and is found from Mexico to Panama . It is quite common in its zone,
but its not easy to find because of its transparent wings, which is a natural camouflage mechanism. A butterfly with transparent wings is rare and beautiful. As delicate as finely blown glass, the presence of this rare tropical gem is used by rain forest ecologists as an indication of high habitat quality and its demise alerts them of ecological change. Rivaling the refined beauty of a stained glass window, the translucent wings of the Glasswing butterfly shimmer in the sunlight like polished panes of turquoise, orange, green, and red.

All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

'God's Artistic Hand At Work'
Really something isn't it?
Live daily in God's perfect wisdom and peace
Information supplied by Barry Claridge - A man of aged wisdom with the appreciation of who God is.
God Bless you sir.


  1. We are all God's workmanship. There is none greater than Him. Humans are God greatest creation and we are blessed with talents and gift. So many of us dont realised that and are not excelling in it.

    We expect everyone to celebrate us, when they dont we are discourage. Only if we realised that we are not called to everyone.

  2. Joshua, While reading your post several thoughts & scriptures kept crossing my mind. Then, they were silenced by the life that which is unnoticed has the most power. That thought is one of those Selah (now pause and calmly think of that) thoughts. I began thinking of my hikes at the Santa Rosa Plateau by my home. While walking the trails it is very easy to forget that just behind those thistles and bushes are mountain lions, deer, coyote, and a myriad of other POWERFUL wildlife that coexists with us just out of plain sight.
    Which led me to the thought taking this conversation a step further about yours, mine & our collective untapped, unnoticed, unlimited POWER. I refer to it as the "just beneath the surface". Just beneath the surface there is so much grace, strength, LOVE, help, peace, abundance, happiness, etc. available. Like the classic book, Acres of Diamonds. Sure we may or may not receive the attaboys that we feel we want, need or even deserve at times. However, if we encourage our selves in The Lord we know that indeed our gift will make room for us. My vote as a result is that we individually celebrate our selves. Celebrate the mini victories with as much regalia as the large ones. If we give our selves permission to say YaaaaY Me it's amazing how empowered we become. Thank you for such a great, thought-provoking post. I'm feeling an itch to continue this conversation on my blog! I celebrate you in your gifting. YaaaY YOU:~)

    Jacqui Dobens

  3. Jacqui:

    If I tell you that I was not encouraged by your comments, I'll be lying. This is exactly the reason I always ask people to leave comments after reading a post. You never know the impact of the revelation that your comment might bring to others. As a writer, I look for my inspiration from the Holy Spirit and I pay attention to when God uses one of his children to speak to me. I must tell you, this is one of those moments. I really do appreciate you. Every word resonated so well with with me. It's funny you made the comment you made because my last 2 posts were just about that and I am continuing the 3rd part of the series. Yes, our awesome God-given power lies just beneath the surface and like that old movie.... "Waiting To Exhale". God Bless you.