September 10, 2010

"All Great Achievements Require Time" - Maya Angelou

Everybody always see great achievements. What most do not see is the time it took to achieve the greatness. The time, toils and tears, the price paid by the great achiever, how many times the celebrated achiever has failed in his quest for greatness. If you desire greatness, you must know that it will take time. Nothing worthwhile is achieved overnight or instantly. The mighty oak tree takes years to grow from a seed. All great achievers have this in common. They recognize that their mission will take time and with time comes adversity, failures, struggles, but they know that with perseverance and consistent action, they will prevail and they do prevail.

I urge you to please leave your comments BELOW. Share your experience in this matter. It is important that we all learn from each other. Your comment may be what somebody else needs for that breakthrough and somebody else's comments may just be the light you are looking for.

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  1. Whatever you dont pay a price for, usually we dont come to appreciate or put value on. We are to count the cost of any project before undertaking it. Time and planning are really like road maps that help guide and keep us on the straight path.