September 6, 2010

How To Truly Love Jesus........

July 25th, happens to be my birthday. As I was lying on my bed in the middle of the night thanking God for his mercies and love and all that he has done for me, The Lord revealed to me through a vision, a truth that we all know but seem to take for granted. You and I both know that we love the Lord and that he loves us, but I realized today that until I see him face to face, there's no way I can comprehend the depth of his love for you or I, no matter how much we try.

Why did I say that? A few people know that I was a staunch muslim growing up. I knew the Quran, prayed 5 times a day. I knew Jesus Christ as a prophet, as we were taught, not as the SON OF GOD.

I ridiculed anybody that believes otherwise. In other words I despised Christ even with my 5 times-a-day prayers.

Eventually Jesus, despite my foolishness and stupidity, made me to see his love and enabled me to receive it. I have never been the same since then; but what is my point you asked?

That day I had a heavenly vision, seeing myself standing at the foot of the cross, not worshipping Jesus, but hurling insult at him and this scared the living daylight out of me. I asked the Lord what this meant and the gentle, loving voice of the master through the Holy Spirit calmed my fears and simply said.......

You are now realizing the truth of what I did.

In the vision, I, like everyone else, hurled insult at Jesus while he was dying for me on the cross and instead of the loving, gentle Lamb of God to say forget him, he is not worth dying for and hurl insult back at me, he lovingly looked at me from the cross, smiled and then looked up at the Father and simply said "Father forgive him, for he knows not what he does"

Jesus prayed for me. I saw him prayed for me. ON THE CROSS. While he was physically dying.

In that vision, I broke down and cried, for I realized that no love can be greater than this? Not only did he lay his life down for me because he loves me, but he did that knowing before hand that while he will be dying for me, I will despise him, which I did; but that never stopped him from loving me and completing my purchase from the god of this world by his blood and reconciling me back to the Father, into his glorious and marvelous love and light.

I guiltyly asked Jesus. What do you want from me?

He said "Nothing"

I said but I don't know how to love you back seeing what you have done for me.

He said "Go and do likewise. Love all as I have loved you. Ask for nothing in return, but tell them that I love them the same and they should love others like I love them." I asked, That's all? He answered  "That's all. If you love others like I have loved you, then you have learnt to love me the way I desired that you love me."

Ha! I finally see, after all these years, that all my Lord wants me to do is to be just like him and show others how to be like him........simply by loving unconditionally, without prejudice, without judgement.

May the love of God be shed abroad in your heart as you read this and that you'll allow yourself to love like he does.

This is the best birthday gift I have ever received....and happy to share with all, directly from the Master himself. Jesus Christ.

Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine and yours. And the story continues.......

I urge you to please leave your comments BELOW. Share your experience in this matter. It is important that we all learn from each other. Your comment may be what somebody else needs for that breakthrough and somebody else's comments may just be the light you are looking for.


  1. I got here from Bukville , am also a blogger at . Reading this brought to my eyes because I am having real issues with my faith, it looks like am lost , trying to find meaning to the Christian faith. This makes me know that Christianity is only by Jesus and strictly through faith.thank you for this

  2. Hello Rahab Memoirs:

    You are a precious child of the KING. I truly understand what you meant by "having real issues with my faith". Every true followers of Christ goes through this period. Somehow, I think that it is heavenly designed; Not to test us to see if we love HIM, but to let us know how true and strong our love is for the Lord. When you feel you are lost in the faith, HE's right there with you. I have been through that too; remember HIS promise, when you walk through the fire, the fire will not burn you and when you walk through the waters, you will not drown..... No matter how bad the situation looks, one thing I know surer than my own life is that God is faithful. He has made promises to us and not one of them will go unfulfilled. Continue to love HIM unconditionally. We can only serve GOD by faith and faith only. As surely as the day comes and goes, so will any situation of life that are exalting themselves against the knowledge of God in your life go in Jesus name. Press on to the prize that is set before you. The Lord is your life and your salvation. Love you with the love of the Lord and Thank you for your comment.