September 7, 2010

And God Said....

Life as we know it has always been fascinating. It is always amazing to see how human beings who are created equal by the same God can vary so much in how they live their lives. They all have the same capacity, ability and powers to do just about anything they desire to do, yet some do amazing things, some do nothing and while some just watch. In the words of an internet marketer, Stephen Pierce. He asked, “Are you waiting to lose or are you playing to win?”
What an amazing question. This is a question that actually apply to life in general, and not in the business arena alone.

There are some who desire to do amazing things, who realize they have the ability, gifting and powers to do what they know they are born to do; but somehow felt trapped by their current circumstances to the point that they become paralyzed to do anything. So they resolve to just giving up and living life as it comes. They are playing the game of “waiting to lose” They do not realize that they are the architects of their own lives and not anybody, or system or circumstances.

They have just temporarily forgotten themselves. Who they really are, the powers they have been blessed with and what amazing things can be accomplished with the powers they have.

God in his infinite wisdom, (whether you believe in his existence or not, or by whatever name you refer to him, that’s not the point of discussion here) created all men equal. He also has allowed men to show themselves how powerful he made them, just like him, out of the things that man himself has created. He has also allowed man to have the knowledge to create just like he does and for man to also prove to himself through that knowledge that he man, also is a creator.

Human beings had come a long way through science. Today, science had proven through quantum physics that human beings are more than just flesh and blood. Humans are spiritual beings created by ONE AWESOME GOD and made one with the universe in which they live in.

The world as you see it now is a sum total of different worlds created by individuals. Not a world created by government or system, but a world governed by the laws of nature which cannot be broken.


They are mathematically precise. God made them that way.

These laws are put in place by the Creator, the Almighty God, whether you believe in the laws or not is immaterial, they still work for or against you daily, depending on how you respond to each law.

Either through active knowledge of these laws or active ignorance of these laws, human beings obey and activate these laws every moment of their lives. No one is exempted and the result of it is the way you are now, in your own little world that you have created.

Nobody and nothing is responsible for your failure or success. You are.

Why? you asked; because you are the architect, builder and the designer of your own world. Not God. God just provides the assistance and the wisdom you need to apply the resources he had already given you. In the bible, it is written that God gave us dominion over all things, and has provided all things for us, AFTER he had made us in his image and likeness.

Yes, God made you, but he did not, does not and will not design your life the way you “desire” it.


What God has done was to give us the knowledge and tools we need to design, build and maintain the lives he had blessed us with. These tools come in the form of spiritual laws that are exact and in operation at every moment of our lives. Whether we choose to recognize and use them or not, God does not interfere with that. He has given the earth to the children of men and he will not interfere. He is not a distant God, he is closer to you than the skin on your body, the problem is that he will not be worthy of been called God, if he violates any of the spiritual laws he put in place. He will only do something IF you ask for his assistance. Jesus said in Revelations 3:20 that he can only come in if he is asked to come in. So, one the basic things you need to learn is to stop blaming God for the problems of the world or your own problem. You have the power and the ability to live your life the way you want it. As author John Macarthur said in his book (The book on Leadership), “God’s Sovereignty does not nullify human responsibility”. You have a responsibility to do your part using the power and the ability God has embedded in you to allow the spiritual laws that are accurate and active to change your life. It is God’s desire for everybody to do well.

The purpose of this page is to show you who you really are, what amazing powers you possess, and the amazing things you can do, in fact amazing things that God himself expects you to do.

Just like the computers that we created, we can all do amazing things. What makes a computer do or perform better than another computer is in its software. They all basically have the same wiring regardless of size. If you take the same computer that had been performing poorly and change its software, you’ll be amazed at what that computer is capable of doing. It will simply blow your mind.

As we go along, we will discuss how to understand and use the abilities you had been endowed with. These will include, but not limited to:

1. Knowledge of who you really are (Your Mind. Thoughts and Emotions)

2. The power of the spoken word. How your words are limiting you

3. The power of your thoughts. Who is really in control. You or your mind,
    who is supposed to be in charge and how you can take absolute control.

4. The one being God put in you to automatically tell you when you

    are messing up. You interact with this one being everyday.

5. Harnessing the built-in power you already possess to change your life.
    It is easier than you think.

As time goes on and if you apply all that you learn, you’ll know why what happens to you happens and what you can do about them. You’ll no longer be a victim of your circumstances because you’ll know what to do to change them. You’ll know what you are creating as you are creating them and if you don’t like what you are creating; you’ll know what to do to change them. Remember, every thought, every feeling, every spoken word and every action is a prayer, and all prayers get answered, for Spiritual Law is EXACT.

 I urge you to please leave your comments BELOW. Share your experience in this matter. It is important that we all learn from each other. Your comment may be what somebody else needs for that breakthrough and somebody else's comments may just be the light you are looking for.


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