September 8, 2010

Do Natural Laws Affect You?....

Why is the world orderly and not chaotic?, why do the tides rise and fall?, why does a person grows older and not younger?, why does the moon have four phases?, why does water quench thirst?, why does a person falls down and not up?

It is called an Underlying Order. A set of Natural Laws that hold the universe in place. Now, Natural Law or The Law Of Nature is a law whose content is set by nature and therefore, has validity everywhere and this CANNOT be broken.

The order in nature is set by God. God imposed moral laws on human beings and HE alone imposed physical laws on nature.

Now pay close attention to the following, read it again if you must, for there lies a great understanding to human problems.
Humans are FREE to choose TO BREAK or act contrary to God's moral laws, but human beings are NOT FREE or have the ability to break God's physical laws.*
Whatever you choose to do determines which law of nature shows up in your life and this has absolutely nothing to do with religion. When you choose, the laws of nature accomodate themselves to your choice.

There are always positive rewards for cooperating with those laws and negative rewards for working against them; but there are always rewards. Your choice determines the type of reward you receive.
These laws work for or against us on a daily basis based on our choice.
That's why the scripture advises us to choose wisely so we may live.
This article is not written to discuss specific laws of nature, there are too many of them to list here. The goal here is to raise the readers' awareness to how these laws affect our lives as humans.
* Norman Swartz, Simon Fraser University, Laws of Nature, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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