January 2, 2011

Kings Rule By Decree...Are You A King?

How many times have you heard someone, christian or a non-christian tell you that you have to speak positively? This seem like something new that's been going around all over the place these days. You hear people tell you to be careful about the things you say, that you should not talk negatively. This seems like a new world order type of lingo.

Even christians who know the power of speaking positively find it hard to convince others as to the reason why this is a must......

This is 2011. We need to know exactly who we are and what we possess as children of the most high God so we can finally "take the bull by the horn" and let the name of our God be glorified once and for all in our lives and in all that we do.

Doesn't it bother you when we, as christians, talk so much about God, but couldn't act like him? We called Jesus The KING of kings, but mostly most of us his children act ike paupers. When Jesus is addressed as the King of kings, it means Jesus has a dominion over which he rules (which by the way is the entire universe and beyond) and he has his cabinet members, his ministers, his royal servants and so on, ALL whom Jesus has also given dominion under him (Genesis 1: 26, 28 and Luke 10:19). We are those cabinet members, ministers, etc and that makes each and everyone of us KINGS.
Now, each and everyone that belong to Jesus has this right. It's time we realize that with our God, we are just more than children, we are kings, with dominions and domains. Not over each other, but over all the universe and the elements in it. I called the title of this post "Kings rule by decree" If you look at God that made us kings, in the book of Genesis, you'll find out that God made all things from nothing by the word of his power and by the power of his word. In other words, God decreed and still decreeing things to life.
We were taught that Kings rule by decree and because God knew before the foundation of the world that we are kings, he made us to know in Job 22:28 KJV that "we shall also DECREE a thing and it SHALL be ESTABLISHED unto us." Now for THE God whose words do not return to him void, been the chairman, CEO , President, Founder, Creator and Maker of this universe and all others for that matter, if he tells me that when I decree a thing, that it must be established, he's declaring to the world and his creations that I am a king and that whatever I say must be carried out (Of course, I must allow him that made me a king also to determined and direct my thoughts and actions). Remember, kings rule by decree, and "where the word of the king is, there is power" (Eccl. 8:4). Jesus never begs demon or sickness to leave, he ordered (decreed) them out and we are witnesses to the fact that every situation bows when our KING speaks. Hallelujah.
One of the problems we have in christiandom is that we have kings that do not know the power they possess, that's why king Solomon said that he has seen an evil under the sun. Those that are supposed to be riding on horses are walking and vice-versa. Power must change hands in this year 2011. God promised that before he does a thing, he'll declare them unto us. To declare means to make known. God declares things to you first and then decree it to make it happen for you, simply because he has declared it. Since there's no fear with our God, then we must not entertain any fear to declare and then decree. Fear is not of God, Fear comes in through doubt. It is of the devil, but glory be to God, he has given us the spirit of POWER, Love and a Sound Mind, all which coincidentally a good king a king needs to justifiably and righteously rule.

Arise today and take your position as a king in the kingdom and begin to declare and decree that which will bring glory to the name of our God. You are a co-creator with him.

Never forget the followings:

1. You are a king
2. Kings rule by decree
3. Where the word of a king is, there is power.
4. God has already commanded you to decree and promised that it will be established unto you.

So, what are you waiting for? please join me at the begining of this brand new year to arise with boldness and confidence and take our rightful positions as kings in the kingdom of our God. Herein his name alone will be glorified.

Arise, shine; for in this 2011, our light has come! and the glory of the Lord is risen upon us. Have a wonder-full and wonder-filled year my fellow kings. Jesus Is Lord.

AFTER leaving your comment, click the link below to see a child who already recocgnizes that the word of a king carries power.

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A Kingly Child with Authority and Power! You'll be amazed and encouraged.


  1. whao! i love this.
    you inspire me a lot.
    more grace sir.
    i'll reproduce this by your permission to bless lives and impart more people.

  2. Hello My Sake:

    Nice of you to visit. Thank you for the prayer and yes feel free to reproduce it. All things belong to HIM who loved us with an uncondtional love. To HIM ALONE be all the glory.

  3. Happy New Year Sir.

    May we continue to take our rightful place as Kings and Queens in His Kingdom.

    This is our year to Arise and Shine.

    Great clip, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise.

  4. @Buky:

    Happy New Year to you too. I set myself in agreement with you in your prayer. This year God will be glorified in our lives in Jesus name. Thanks for the comment and have a wonder-filled and wonder-full weekend.

  5. Inyang Archibong AdodeJanuary 12, 2011 at 9:41 AM

    Woah!!!!...........Dear Lord, help me be more like you each passing day of 2011....

  6. @Iyang:

    That's the Lord's desire, for us to be more like him so we can be with him forever where He is.

  7. Hmmm...I just wrote the four points down on my desk calender (forever before my eyes). Thank you sir for this reminder of who I am in Christ Jesus!

  8. @Edith: I believe you have given all of us a great suggestion. Thank you. I too will write it down so I can constantly see them and be reminded daily of who I am also in Christ tay blessed.

  9. This is a vision board statement.

  10. @Rosalinda:

    You and Edith are on the same page with the Father. He said in the book of
    Habbakuk. "Write the vision down...." So, go and get the board and write the vision down. I believe Edith has done hers, I need to do mine NOW..lol

  11. Pst Tope AdegbamigbeJanuary 12, 2011 at 10:08 AM

    Yes! We have been made Kings and priests unto our God forever and we will arise as reign. Hallelujah!

  12. Bunmi Divinewealth AwoyemiJanuary 12, 2011 at 10:16 AM

    POWERFUL NOTE - Keep them coming sir!!

  13. By the enablement of the Holy Spirit, they wll keep coming. Thank you my brother.

  14. Interesting!... This resonates with the theme He gave as the year rolled out in our worship outreach tagged "MOJUBA"

  15. @Tolani: The word of our God is the same....everyday, everywhere, and everytime.

  16. My dearest brother "KING" Joshua, U speak, write & act like the true son of the King of kings! Your notes always leave me speechless. As U have rightly noted, Power must change hands this year in the mighty name of Jesus! May everything thing U touch this 2011 prosper & may ALL your good dreams blossom my dearest MOG! NO weapon formed against U shall ever prosper & every tongue that rises against U shall be condemned! Have an extraordinary New Year brother God's vessel of honor!!!

  17. @Gerty Cole: Words cannot describe my joy of always reading your comments. You always know how to encourage and you pray for me always. You are so cherished. My God will continue to bless you always and the wisdom of our God will permeate your life. One Love, my dear sister.

  18. Weighty exhortation! There are no doubts in my mind that we WOULD do exploits in the name of our Lord and to His glory, this year. In agreement with my sister Gerty, I say 'Amen' in the powerful name of Jesus.

  19. @Sister Toyin-Dee: Yes, Absolutely no doubt. I set myself in agreement with you and sister Gerty. It is well in Jesus name.